We have been using Cookie to look after our home and pets for more than two years. We have always been more than pleased with the way she has looked after everything. She never forgets an appointment and is always on time. Our dog, cat and horse are always excited to see her arrive as they know they will get complete attention from her.

We do not hesitate to recommend Cookie as a care giver for your home and pets.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us.

Yours truly,
Gary & Sybil
Metchosin, BC

When I was called away for a week this past fall, I asked Cookie to housesit and take care of our housedogs, livestock and livestock guardian dogs. As is this weren’t a big enough chore, we also has a windstorm, snow storm and power outage during the same period.

Cookie did an outstanding job on all counts. She’s reliable and handles difficult situations very well — and, of course, the dogs love her.

I have used Cookie’s services since and will continue to do so in the future; I highly recommend her for her knowledge and professionalism.

Steve S
Metchosin, BC
I highly recommend Cookie for pet sitting. She is professional, honest, very reliable, and provided excellent care for our pets, including a diabetic cat who needs insulin shots twice a day. I have had pet sitters in the past and Cookie’s dedication, love for animals, and responsible caregiving is second to none

Keri N
Sooke, BC
I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Cookie and I do so with out hesitation.
We first met Cookie when our family was going to our son’s wedding in Mexico. My husband and I co-own a house with my son and now daughter-in-law and between us we owned four dogs. One of our dogs in particular, Rocky, was extremely fussy about eating due to kidney failure and we were extremely reluctant to leave him. When Rocky first met Cookie, it was love at first sight. He couldn’t be away from her! We knew then, that he would be in good hands.

While we were on vacation, Cookie lived at our house looking after the four dogs. She would send us pictures of them enjoying themselves at the beach, at the park and yes, even on our bed watching cartoons! We were in constant contact with her through email and felt that our pets were being well looked after. Upon our return, it was obvious to all of us that the pets had a wonderful vacation with Cookie and were actually wanting to follow her out to her car when she left! We found the house to be exactly how we left it and our pets in wonderful spirits.

Since our return, we have cancelled our Doggie Day Care that all four dogs attended and have hired Cookie to walk our dogs on a daily basis. She has a key to our house and we trust her completely. We have also since lost Rocky, but have gained a new puppy in my son’s home, “Diesel”, which Cookie now walks and trains as well. Her caring and compassion for animals and for the owners is obvious.

When we lost Rocky, she left us a beautiful framed copy of the “Rainbow Bridge” complete with Rocky’s picture at the bottom. We also have all the photos that she has taken of him on his daily walks. I have been at home when she has come to collect her four charges and there are alot of happy barks and wagging tails at the prospect of going with Cookie for their daily walk.

I would be happy to speak to anyone that is considering adding Cookie to their pet’s life.

Yours truly,

Tas D,
Metchosin BC

“We have had Cookie as the exclusive caregiver while we have gone on extended trips for so long that we no longer remember exactly when she first started. It must be four or more years now. In all that time we have never had a problem and we have always been extremely satisfied with her services.

Cookie usually keeps in contact with us via email (when we can be reached) while we are away and she regularly sends pictures of our two dogs, Rusty and Tiko, out on walks or around the house. She has lived at our house for as long as 9 weeks at a time and has always left our home looking better than when we left.

Our two dogs present difficult challenges. The younger one suffers from fear aggression as the result of being abused as a puppy and Rusty is now a physically challenged 16 years old and requires alot of special attention. In both cases, she has always gone “above and beyond” to give both the care and attention that they require and has frequently come up with ideas that have made their lives better. She has unquestionably improved the quality of life for both.

When not away, we have also called on her to walk our dogs with extremely short notice when an emergency has arisen and she has always been there for us.

If you want someone who will put your pets – your family members – first, give them the best possible care, and consider them first and foremost, Cookie is the person for you.
M and L
Metchosin, BC

“Cookie has consistently demonstrated an extremely compassionate and caring attitude toward the pets that she cares for, and I would trust her completely with the welfare of animals.”

John C
Sidney, BC
“If it is important to you to hire a pet sitter who is competent, attentive and devoted, you couldn’t hope for someone more perfect than Cookie. She is knowledgeable, reliable, and sensitive and seems to successfully relate to all kinds and temperaments of pets. And although she cares for scores of pets throughout her busy schedule, she somehow convinces you that your pet is unique and special.”

Carel and the four doxies
Sidney, BC

“Cookie is a trustworthy, loyal, hardworking, responsible person who will work to the best of her ability.”

Aiyana V
Maple Ridge, BC

“I have hired Cookie to watch over my hounds, cat, house and yes Mother, many times over the years when we where on vacation. And I used her services when I was unable to dog walk or ferry my hound to the groomer or vet. She is on time, very caring and I would highly recommend her.
Josefin in Metchosin”
Cookie pet sat and house sat for us August, 2009. We were really pleased with the service she performed which included, in most cases daily:

Pet sit one senior cat – water, feed and change litter box
Water numerous (20-30) potted plants
Water greenhouse
Restock hummingbird feeders
Restock 3 birdfeeders and scatter seed around perimeter of large yard
Refresh water in 5 birdbaths
Feed wild rabbits and deer

Despite the many tasks she had to perform she still found time to sit with my cat and play with her. She even vacuumed on her last day!

Cookie provided us with peace of mind, allowing us to enjoy our vacation without worries, knowing that the house was being visited regularly and that all pet and wildlife were looked after with loving care. We found her rates very reasonable.

We will certainly call on Cookie again.

Thank you, Cookie

Jolanda and Jim K
Sooke, BC
We had never been away from our animals before so the thought of leaving them for a two week vacation was very stressful. We have two cats (both have had trauma in their past before they came to us and one of is still of very nervous disposition and scared of anyone other than us, and one who is very stand-offish at the best of times and not really interested in being petted, unless she wants food), and we also have a dog who had come to us after the death of her original owner and so had some separation issues. We were very anxious and knew that a kennel was out of the questions as it would be way too stressful and traumatic for them so we wanted someone to come and stay in our home to care for them to make sure that they had as little disruption as possible. So, we contacted Cookie.

Cookie came to our house so that we could meet her and see if she would be suitable to care for our animals. It was immediately obvious that she truly loves animals and has some weird ability to connect with them right away. Our animals took to her immediately. During the initial interview Cookie asked us many questions, and left us a detailed questionnaire to complete all about our animals’ routines and behaviours so that she would know all there is to know about them be able to make their time in her care as stress-free as possible . Cookie also left us numerous references we could contact to check her suitability. We called many of them, and all of them without hesitation highly recommended her, so we decided to trust Cookie with our animals – which was a huge deal for us – it was like leaving our children with someone.

Cookie stayed in our home for the two weeks that we were gone, she sent us emails while we were away, giving us regular updates and pictures showing the animals enjoying themselves and having fun and this really helped to ease our minds. We were delayed by 24 hours due to poor weather at the airport and Cookie was very accommodating and stayed the extra day. When we got home it was clear that our animals had been well cared for and had not been stressed at all with us gone. They seemed exactly the same as when we had left and clearly had not been stressed at all … although I must say, they did appear to miss Cookie when she left! Our home had also been very well looked after – and was in fact cleaner and tidier than when we left!

Being able to have the animals stay in their own home, keep their routines and environment, and having someone there who really cares about them means that we can enjoy our vacation and not feel guilty or worried about the animals.

We would highly recommend Cookie to anyone who wants to have their pets cared for so that they can go away and not have to worry that the animals are having a stressful time (and know that their home is also being looked after).

We have already used Cookie again this year so that we could go to the Mainland for the weekend and she is booked to stay at our home with our animals again for our next vacation.

We invite anyone who wants to contact us for a reference for Cookies to do so.

Denis and Karen
Sooke, BC

I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Cooke and her pet care services.

When my husband and I wanted to visit our family for a couple of days, I became very concerned about our elderly cat, Miska, who required full-time care and plenty of attention. Her feeding schedule meant multiple visits in a day and she also needed regular doses of her medication.

When I met with Cookie for the first time she impressed me immediately with her professional approach, her detailed questionnaire and her passion for animals. She was very understanding of my concerns and took my directions clearly, making sure that my cat’s needs would be met and that I could feel confident that I was leaving her in good hands.

While we were away she even sent me a photo of my baby by email and upon my return my cat was happy and content, as if I’d never left. All the food tins were washed, the cat box cleaned (which I told her she didn’t have to do – since it was only a short trip) and she had left some adorable cat toys, that she makes, and a lovely thank you card. Very impressive!

I can’t say enough about the service that Cookie provides. To be able to leave the pets we love in the kind hands of someone who has such depth of caring for, not only the animals in her car, but all animals, brings great peace of mind.

I am truly grateful to have found Cookie to take care of my delicate, older cat. I highly recommend her to anyone…without hesitation.


Cheryl and Keith T
Metchosin, BC
I would not hesitate to recommend Cookie as a petsitter/housesitter.

She took excellent care of our pets (a cat and a rabbit), collected the newspaper and mail, and left the house clean and tidy.

I feel that she is honest and reliable, with a kind animal loving heart.

Debbie A
Colwood, BC
We have been very fortunate to find our dog-sitter Cookie. She is a caring, responsible and knowledgeable carer of pooches and I feel very confident having her look after Max and Marley our two Rottweiler crosses.

Cookie has looked after our dogs on several occasions either in a drop-in our homestay arrangement. Her main priority is our dogs. She looks after them very well (they are always happy and well-behaved when we get home), exercises them frequently, ensures that she has a level of authority to seek veterinary care should they need it, and lets me know if she notices anything untoward with either of them. In a short period of time she got to know them each very well and chats to me about their different personalities and favorite activities. She always goes beyond the call of duty and has left new toys for our dogs, sent me photos and videos of them and follows up her visit with a phone call. When Cookie stayed at our house she left it very clean and tidy – better than when she arrived there, I think!

I have no hesitation in recommending Cookie’s services as a dog carer – she is excellent!

Lesley & Dave P
Metchosin, BC

Cookie has been our pet sitter / dog walker for three years. We have found her to be amazing with our dogs and recommend her highly. We are grateful to Cookie because we know when we are away, our two loved pets are getting top notch care and love. Cookie often goes above and beyond pet service for us and even makes herself available for those short notice trips that come up.

Please trust us when we say if you want the best for your loved Pets, pick Cookie.

Our “Buddy” and “Molly” ADORE her!
Danielle & Randy W
Metchosin, BC

On meeting Cookie, it was obvious she truly loved animals and knew how to relate to them. My animals took to her immediately. During the interview, Cookie asked me numerous questions about my animals’ personalities and routines that no other sitter had asked. When I returned from my trip, it was clear that both my cats and dogs were well cared for and happy.I have found Cookie to be reliable, as well as one of the most caring and loving pet sitters I have had the good fortune of meeting and I highly recommend her to anyone whose business or travel must take them away from their animal family members.

Ann. S.
Metchosin, BC

My little dachshund was only 8 months old. I looked into kennels and could not find one that fit my needs and would give Libby the one on one attention that she was used to. I interviewed a few different people that said they would do one on one, and found Cookie to be the best fit for our needs. Her compassionate understanding on how difficult it would be to leave Libby at such a young age and for so long was comforting. Upon our return, Libby had matured nicely, was more socialized, less wary of other dogs and came home washed, cleaned and even with a few more toys to spoil our little princess! Cookies patience with her, missing us, being with a new person, new surroundings and barking really showed us the wonderful loving person that Cookie is with animals.

Metchosin, BC

We are very pleased with the pet-care service that Cookie provides. She is conscientious, reliable and mature. She clearly both understands and loves animals; at the same time she accepts instructions and directions from clients. She also looks after the house as if it is her own. We were suprised and pleased by the initiative shown by Cookie when it came to looking after one of our (difficult) pets. We have no hesitation whatsoever in thoroughly recommending Cookie for this type of work.

Mark and Jane. D
Metchosin, BC

The experience was extremely positive, for both myself and for Lucy, and I would not hesitate to use Cookie’s service again, nor to recommend her to others. Lucy is a three year old wolfhound cross. She is a friendly dog, but can be a bit high strung and nervous at times. She came to me at age one from the SPCA, and although I don’t know her complete history I think there may have been some mistreatment – which explains her nervousness and separation anxiety. Despite Lucy’s temperament, she took to Cookie immediately. She was very relaxed in Cookie’s presence.In addition to providing a high quality of pet care, I also found Cookie extremely professional, responsible and reliable. I particularly appreciate the effort she has put into ensuring she gets all the information she needs to provide this service – such as the client information forms she has created. Throughout her stay with Cookie, Lucy had a good time and came home to me happy and tired. Cookie kept in touch with me daily, sending me notes and pictures to assure me that Lucy was doing fine.

Esquimalt, BC

Cookie has acted as a cat sitter for me, looking after my two cats when I have been away on business. I found her to be very conscientious, trust worthy, reliable and thorough. She loves animals of all kinds, and would spend a considerable amount of time with my cats each day to play and to ensure they would not be lonely.

Joanne and Peter D.
Mission, BC
“Cookie has taken care of my four dogs several times when I have been away. They are always delighted to see her when she comes by which I believe is a great indication of the love and care she has given them. On our return the house is immaculate, the dogs are happy to see us and yet follow her to the gate when she leaves. I have no hesitation in recommending her if you are planning to be away and be reassured that your pets are receiving the best possible care and attention in your absence”

Chamian and Derek. T
Metchosin, BC